• PriceMe Smarter Shopping

    We're Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

    PriceMe's shopping comparison service launched in August 2007.

    Thanks for being part of the journey!

  • Thank You

    from the entire PriceMe team for your support!

    We wouldn't be here today without you!

  • Our Journey

    How it all started....

    Mission: How we can help consumers shop smarter?

    2007 - Company founded by Frank Mair and Henrik Johansson.

    Development and design of shopping comparison platform commence, a team is formed.

    PriceMe.co.nz platform launches

    2007 - a basic, first version of the site launches

    We're going live with just 20 NZ retailers.

    10,000 daily users

    2010 - PriceMe attracts more than 10,000 daily users

    Traffic growing quickly as shopping comparison grows in popularity.

    iPhone app launched

    2011 - PriceMe develops an iOS app

    First release of our iPhone app. An Android app followed in 2013.

    International launch

    2012 - PriceMe expands into South-East Asia

    We quickly launch PriceMe in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

    35,000 daily users

    2013 - Improvements to the platform boosts visitor numbers

    We're expanding the number of categories and retailers listed on the site combined with numerous technical improvements of the platform.

    500 retailers listed online

    2014 - PriceMe lists more than 500 retailers

    Strong focus on expanding retailer coverage yields results. Our goal is to eventually list all retailers in New Zealand.

    25 Million visitors

    2017 - PriceMe reaches 25 million visitors

    Strong growth continues as we accomplish a new milestone.

  • Some Numbers

    PriceMe has achieved the following in 10 years...

    28 million visitors

    reached in New Zealand - that's approximately 6 visits for every Kiwi.

    $8.2 billion

    worth of merchandise referred to retailers - this corresponds to 3.4% of NZ's annual GDP in 2015.

    51 man years

    invested in the development of PriceMe's platform (includes both front-end and back-end development).

    $950 million saved

    estimated amount that NZ shoppers have saved by using PriceMe - that's about 17,920 average NZ annual salaries.

  • What Our Users Say...

    Some feedback from our users.

    "Some years ago I had an insurance claim to replace my camera and it only covered a certain portion of the cost so I was looking around for the best price. I used PriceMe and managed to find a parallel import version of exactly the same camera at half the price. It was buying it from a shop in Auckland that I had never realised I could buy from online. Since that day I have used PriceMe for many purchases and I love it :) Being able to log in under an account now (I have one for work and one for home) and store lists and comparisons is simply O for Awesome. Thanks!!!"

    - Colleen

    "Living in Waiheke Island I use Price Me for comparison shopping as someone would who has easier access to look around a shopping centre. Saves heaps of time and shoe leather :-)."

    - John

    "Hi PriceMe You have been my go to for a few years now. When ever I have wanted to purchase something & dont want to have to drive around looking for the best deal- your who I come to. Friends will ask me do you know how much "this is" and I turn to priceme. I have probably saved at least $1000 on products Iv purchased myself & helped lead friends to cheaper options for products they have been looking for. Thanks PriceMe."

    - Shannon

    "I highly recommend Price Me to all my friends when they are off to buy something. Price Me has saved me lots of dollars having compared prices for appliances I have bought. My appliance store always price matches with who has the best deal in New Zealand. Thank you Price Me...you're awesome :)."

    - Karina

    "Your site is my first "go to"when planning to purchase household items. You always save me money. :) I like the details on items and reviews prior. Have purchased direct from your various suppliers over the past 10 years. Good Job!"

    - Carol

    "Love PriceMe, you have saved me a lot via a simple site for price comparison. Price drop alert is a really good add-on, tells me instant discount without checking it regularly."

    - Edwin

    "A great site, which I consult before purchase of any item to compare and find out the cheapest price and its supplier. The information has never failed me. Very happy & thankful for such a free service for the public."

    - Ganesh

    "My Wife and I, who are Seniors, have saved literally, hundreds of dollars using your site. It has enabled us to purchase more upgraded items than we would have been able to afford, had we had to rely on the one or two technology retailers within walking distance of our creaky old frames"

    - Rick

    "I have saved so much money on multiple purchases, I can't even think which one was the best one. I never shop online without checking PriceMe first. And thanks to PriceMe I have actually been able to buy things I never thought I could afford like our refurbished I phones which have been great value."

    - Brigitte

    "3 times lately I have used PriceMe and got far better deals than I had found on my own. Saved over $70 on my phone. It's the first place to go when I'm looking for bargains."

    - Doreen

    "Oh my goodness - we have used your site so often - and used the information on the site to buy many goods. It's wonderful to have everything in one place. Thank you."

    - Liz

    "I really appreciate a service like PriceMe; it helps me to review people's feedback about items I am having a difficult time deciding between various options. A most helpful service that I would highly recommend to others; showing us a variety of alternatives, in prices and quality - Thank you for your support, very much appreciate your work. Keep up the great work."

    - Tua

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